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10 years focused on the production, design, sales and service of hydraulic elevator industry.
Own factory, covers an area of 150 thousand square meters, more than 100 employees in the factory,
Germany imported equipment, with ultra high precision and extraordinary service life
All products through the national testing center, has a number of national patents
10 years of brand business, professional, dedicated, reliable, trustworthy
Adhere to the quality as the enterprise survival quasi responsibility, honesty and set up factories, quality assurance
Promise not to OEM, does not change, do not cut corners. The integrity of factories, conscience.
Mature structure, with the highest quality products to customer satisfaction
Personalized custom: you only need a phone, we will be free to provide you with the most suitable product solutions
More than 20 people and overseas customer service service technical team, to solve your menace from the rear.
Professional after-sales service team, directly to the door installation training, quickly solve the problem


Customer witness

Jinan hontylift machinery co,.ltd

 Jinan hontylift machinery co,.ltd was well established as one of the leading Asia manufacturers of scissors lift tables. As a company that has specialised with this product for over 2 decades we have gained considerable experience and have developed the design. With our long experience in scissors lift supply we can understand your needs as well as the particular demands of your application. This means that we can supply a lift table constructed to meet your requirements in both the long and the short term. A large part of our production is custom design tables suited for a particular working situation. Knowing the methods of working will constantly ……

Tel:+86 531-83990006

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  • F:Daily maintenance of cllimbing

    A:如今很多企业对于 升降机 , 登车桥 的需求量越来越大,机器在频繁使用的过程中,也出现了这样那样的问题。如果说仅仅只是安全操作的话,显然是远远不够的,如何对于升降机及登

  • F:Common problems in inspection of aluminum alloy lift

    A:随着近年来我国经济的飞速发展,房地产市场蓬勃兴起,我国各地出现了越来越多地高层建筑,随着高层建筑施工任务的增多,铝合金升降机的使用也日益广泛。文章介绍了 铝合金升降

  • F:Choose to buy their own hydraulic lift, is good

    A:随着现在社会科学技术的发展, 液压升降机 已经普及到社会生活的各个角落,运用越来越广泛,不管是建筑,土木工程,及人们的日常生活都离不开升降机械,许多商家把握这个商机


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